If only everyone knew the
energy that goes into producing
the food we eat

The farm was initially established by Joey Versaggi after having worked in the restaurant industry for years and noticing a shortage of reliable and high quality produce. What began as a hobby garden providing fresh veggies for friends and family, eventually began to monopolize all of his time. After years of working multiple jobs to support his farm, Joey decided to leave his part time jobs and tackle farming as his primary profession.

In 2013 Joey began the farm under the name of ‘Local Greens’, which was a clear-cut definition of exactly the product he was offering – clean green veggies grown by a local farmer.

As the farm continued to flourish, Joey’s wife Katie came on board full-time to assist with their growing needs. Together the husband-wife duo were able to expand the farm from a few raised beds on Joey’s parents property, to where it stands now on roughly 10 acres of neighboring farmland.

During the hot Florida summers the couple focus on their bee hives, and honey production becomes the focus of the farm’s operation. What began as an off season hobby, the beekeeping side of the business eventually took off.

With Katie now on board full time, she was able to put her own mark on the operation by expanding the now bustling beekeeping side of the business. Here she found her niche utilizing the beeswax from their hives to create a range of eco-friendly homewares and all natural skincare products.

As 2018 approached Local Greens had outgrown its humble roots, and was in need of a new, all-encompassing name. Thats when Katie’s grandmother told them the story of the origins of her maiden name ‘Beale’.

One of their relatives kept bees on the hillsides of England, and their neighbors called him Mr. Bee Hill, which eventually evolved into ‘Beale’.

Upon hearing this story the couple decided on the name Bee Hill Farm, which they felt both acknowledged their past, and embraced the new direction of their business.

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