A locally owned and operated farm utilizing all organic practices to provide fresh, seasonal vegetables and honey for local restaurants and farmers markets.

The Farm

Midway between the St Johns and Matanzas Rivers, Bee Hill Farm is tucked away in the rural farming town of Elkton Florida. Surrounded by ancient oaks, longleaf pines and a block of native wetlands, the farm has an idyllic setting that embraces the ‘old Florida’ feel, while only being a fifteen minute drive from historic downtown Saint Augustine.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality and fresh produce, grown using all organic practices.


The Bees

Bees play a vital role in the agricultural industry, being responsible for pollinating over a third of the foods that we consume.

With over 30 hives scattered throughout St. Johns County, our hives provide a variety of seasonal honey and bee byproducts available for purchase online and at local shops and farmers markets.


By utilizing the natural byproducts of our bees we are helping to reduce waste and provide sustainable, all natural alternatives for petroleum based products.


At Bee Hill Farm we constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact and implement sustainable alternatives wherever possible. The creation of the beeswax wraps and candles combined both of these efforts by taking a byproduct from one side of our business, and turning it into a functional product that helps others reduce their need for petroleum based alternatives.

Using beeswax wraps and candles in your home is a great all natural alternative that not only helps the environment, but also has many added benefits for you and your family.



Both honey and beeswax are packed with natural antioxidants and healing properties, making them a great base for our range of handmade lotions, balms and salves.

We provide a range of all natural organic products to help with many ailments from chapped lips and dry skin to muscle aches and pains.